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Knowing where to start...

Before starting our 90 day Weight Management Program, we need some information from you!


We know that not everyone can fit into a certain box. Everyone is different and everyone has their own quirks! 


We have devised our very own method of using basic measurements combined with fancy calculations to give you a starting point for your training program! 

Once you enter your details below, you will be TEMPORARILY placed into one of the following categories and its OUR job together to get you to move up or down the ladder!



  • Class 3 Overweight

  • Class 2 Overweight 

  • Class 1 Overweight

  • Overweight

  • Healthy

  • Underweight

You will need:

  • Scales

  • Tape measure

HSS FIT Calculator

Please enter as much information, accurately for us to get to know you better!

All of your information is stored on private servers and will be 100% under patient and trainer confidentiality. No information will be shared, sold or mistreated.

Do you have a doctor’s letter that limits you to participate in physical activities?
Have you utlised the Hamilton Fit Calculator before?

Thanks for submitting!

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